April 4th, 2008
05:46 PM ET

Afternoon Buzz

Cops in Texas target a ranch that's home to about 400 followers of polygamist leader Warren Jeffs.  On the campaign trail, the waiting is over. The Clintons released their tax returns this afternoon.  Meanwhile, John McCain got booed at a MLK event in Memphis.  And,  a big python causes a scare on a bus. Yikes! Here's your Afternoon Buzz:

Top Stories
Target: Polygamist Ranch
Search and arrest warrants are being served at a ranch occupied by several hundred followers of polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs, the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

MLK Assassination 40 Years Later: Wounds still linger
The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights icon, but for one man, he's something else: the father he barely remembers.

Huge job losses
Workers' pink slips stacked ever higher in March as jittery employers slashed...

Poll: America on the wrong track
More than 80 percent of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, the highest such number since the early 1990s, according to a new survey.

Raw Politics
Clinton's release tax returns 
Hillary Clinton released her tax returns for the years 2000 to 2006 late Friday afternoon, ending weeks of speculation over her delay in making them public.

McCain booed during MLK speech 
Speaking at a ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s death, John McCain said Friday he was wrong to initially oppose a government holiday in memory of the civil rights leader.

Crime & Punishment
Death sentence in fetus-snatching case 
A woman convicted of murdering an expectant mother and kidnapping the baby from her womb received a federal death sentence.

Pirates seize yacht
Pirates seized control of a French luxury yacht carrying 30 crew members Friday in the Gulf of Aden off Somalia's coast, the French government and the ship's owner said.

What YOU will be TALKING about TONIGHT
Jackpot winner to boss: I'm outta here 
David Sneath has worked at a Ford Motor Co. parts warehouse for 34 years, but it didn't take him any time at all to walk out once he discovered he had won a $136 million Mega Millions jackpot.

7-foot python hitches ride on bus 
Commuters in the Philippine capital got a shock when they found an unwelcome passenger on their minibus.

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