April 1st, 2008
06:36 AM ET

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Morning folks...

It's April fool's day...but have no fear, there are no jokes being played on you here. Sooo grab your coffee and let's get this headline party started....

Top Stories
Midwest storms...
A strong storm system rolled across the nation's midsection on Monday with tornadoes and high winds that smashed several buildings, while snow was blamed for a massive traffic pileup that killed one person.

Pelosi calls to boycott Olympic games...
U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Bush should consider boycotting the opening ceremony of the Olympics Games in Beijing this summer to protest China's human rights record

Iraq casualties hit all time high since 2007...
Violent civilian deaths in Iraq climbed to their highest level since mid-2007, Iraqi government figures showed on Tuesday, due to a spike in violence between Iraq security forces and Mehdi Army militia fighters.

The family the spawned 9/11...
Steve Coll’s riveting new book not only gives us the most psychologically detailed portrait of the brutal 9/11 mastermind yet, but in telling the epic story of Osama bin Laden’s extended family, it also reveals the crucial role that his relatives and their relationship with the royal house of Saud played in shaping his thinking, his ambitions, his technological expertise and his tactics.

Graduation in crisis...
The likelihood that a ninth-grader in one of the nation's biggest cities will clutch a diploma four years later amounts to a coin toss — not much better than a 50-50 chance, new research finds.

Raw Politics
New plan offered for Michigan vote...
U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak's plan for seating Michigan's delegates to the Democratic National Convention would take the results of the state's disallowed presidential primary in January and mix them with the popular vote nationwide.

Obama the populist?
As Barack Obama caravans through the hardscrabble towns of rural Pennsylvania, he is making clear the politics of hope has an enemies list.

Hillary: I need money...
In a new Internet video, Hillary Clinton acknowledged to potential contributors Monday that "running for president is an arduous undertaking." In the extended battle for the Democratic presidential nomination, it's also an expensive one.

As Dems battle, McCain builds November machine...
As his Democratic presidential rivals squabble, Sen John McCain has moved to transform his ragtag primary campaign into a general-election operation by boosting fundraising, establishing control over the Republican National Committee, and beginning a conversation with voters who live in states where he has not campaigned.

Obama's church under the microscope, again...
The church where Sen. Barack Obama has worshipped for two decades publicly declares that its ministry is founded on a 1960s book that espouses "the destruction of the white enemy."

GOP memo attacks Dems on war...
A Republican leadership strategy memo calls for an all-out attack on Democrats' "misinformation" campaign against the Iraq war as both parties refocus on the issue ahead of next week's update from Army Gen. David H. Petraeus and Ryan C. Crocker, U.S. ambassador to Iraq.

Keeping them Honest
Govt negligent in Utah mine collapse...
Federal safety officials were negligent in their approval of work plans for a Utah coal mine that collapsed in August 2007, leaving nine dead, a Labor Department report concluded Monday.

G.A.O. reports points to high costs at Pentagon...
Inefficient Pentagon management led to cost increases for key weapons programs that often fell short of production goals last year, government auditors said Monday.

Crime & Punishment
Freed sex offender charged in home invasion...
 sex offender recently released from prison brazenly invaded a home, shot two women meeting for morning coffee and abducted one of them, whose body was found about 10 miles away, police said.

Nun pleads guilty...
A Roman Catholic nun accused of stealing from the Omaha Archdiocese and gambling much of the money away has pleaded guilty to theft.

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  1. nicole endel

    I have watched this election year with growing dissapointment and have finally decided that i will not support the democratic side if obama wins instead of hillary. When we first heard of Barak Obama as a candidate it was interesting to see a "new" face for the democratic party, before i even had a chance to discover who he was i was seeing bumper stickers and music video. Now having had a chance to hear and see Mr obama in action I am offended to the point of being willing to vote a republican back into office if he should win the nomination. Imagine for one moment that a white candidate stated openly that he was "unashamedly White and unapoligeticaly christian" in fact take every speach made by obama look at every mention big or seemingly small about the color of his skin and and how he feels about "being black" exchange the word black or african american for white. and pretent it was a white man saying it. you see in my opinion for anyone and i do mean Anyone to use race as a "selling" point is wrong and i find it offensive that anyone should have to stoop to that in this day and age; it is ridiculous. to live in a world where a man is judged by the content and quality of his character rather than by the color of his skin we must first say that equal means equal and if the exercise i suggested to you above would have you saying "Racist" to a white man with those views then it should have you saying "Racist" to the comments from Mr obama, In my opinion racism is ugly no matter what race it comes from.

    April 2, 2008 at 1:02 am |
  2. onenibble

    Obama's church is totally racist and it's basic philosophy is the destruction of the white race. If he did not except this philosophy there would not be a reason for him to attend the services. There is no way for voters to know what Obama really believes except through his actions and he has a 20 year relationship with this church.

    April 1, 2008 at 7:17 pm |
  3. Lisa

    Pelosi calling for a boycott of the Olympics because of China's human rights record - why not stop giving them Favored Nation status instead?

    April 1, 2008 at 4:34 pm |
  4. Karla Voguel

    GAS...GAS PRICES – what else is new?

    I read on CNN today that the government is laying into the top executives of major gas oil companies as to how is it possible to justify the $123 billion dollars in profit they make, while still raising the price of gas. These executives are justifying these profits to equipment and resources needed for what? How is this possible?

    While the rest of us are working for gas these days, because everything we consume is based on gas prices: the cost of food to start with, people cannot afford anything these days. We all know how this is affecting the economy. What happened to the American way of life? If you make more money, you can't see it or enjoy it. If you don't make enough money, you can barely eat.

    Anderson, can you please do a segment underlying and explaining how the profits these oil companies make benefit who and how?

    Consumers need to know. We have the right to know and understand how these companies operate. People talk about boycotting various gas stations on a certain day, yesterday for instance I heard in the news that truck drivers also want to go on strike.

    The Middle Easterns hate Americans, and yet everytime I pump gas in my car, I can't help but think that someone is getting very rich in one of these countries, while at the same time plotting ways to kill us. What is the missing chip here that we "Americans" need to know? Everyone talks about the price of gas going up higher and higher and yet, we're accepting it. We complain about it, but we keep accepting it. This has to STOP.

    April 1, 2008 at 2:16 pm |
  5. Slater

    When will we get it? Sex offenders just don't need to be free. How hard is it to ponder how many people are victims of these offenders?

    The evidence is everywhere – from biography shows run all over documentary channels of seasoned, brutal serial killers, to local news that outlines at least one sex offender case per evening.

    Do we think the problem will take care of itself? Do we expect perhaps the justice system will take care of it? The justice system plays by old laws that seem to equal lenient sentences and early freedom for these dangerous predators.

    How many stories of these predators have we seen where they openly admit that they use the current system to their advantage to fulfill their deviant fantasies?

    Americans, get your heads out of the sand. We need to make new laws. We need to protect our children.

    If you are waiting for God, he only helps those who help themselves. If you are waiting for the justice system, you make the laws and you vote them in. There are no miracles, we have free will and we make it happen.

    Or you could just sit in your armchair and watch the latest cat fight between the Democratic candidates, boasting that it will never happen to you.

    April 1, 2008 at 11:27 am |
  6. Taj

    Obama's church: It is time now that blacks, whites & people of other ethnic origin stop chanting the word of hate. We need to move on with the word love, peace & prosperity to all. This is the new begining for all Americans.

    April 1, 2008 at 10:25 am |
  7. Tammy

    Obama's feigned ignorance about his church's beliefs gets more entertaining every day as the truth continues to reveal itself. I was raised Roman Catholic. I wasn't ignorant to the church even as a kid. I became saddened by the injustices of the church and switched to the Episcopal faith. I knew what I was getting into when I asked to be received into that communion. I didn't blindly or deafly sit in any pew. If Obama has done that maybe he'll sit blindly and deafly on matters as president that really matter. I trust his judgement less and less as this church issue comes out. If a man's spirtitual foundations are based on hatred, it says somewhere within him there is not love for everyone. If there was, he'd have left the church to find one that met his beliefs. He wouldn't renounce Rev. Wright. The man baptized his children and led him to Jesus. He still considers him a mentor and friend. It just doesn't sit right with me. Red flags are flying everywhere. People are going to throw stuff at me (and I can't believe I'm saying it), but maybe with these allegations coming out you need to visit this again. America deserves the truth about this man so many are enamored with and want for president.

    April 1, 2008 at 10:03 am |
  8. ron

    Re. Chelsea Clinton
    If CNN. wants to make Chelsea fair game should they not do the same for Michelle Obama.If they can find her they could maybe ask her if she thinks that her husband allowing her to take their children to hear Rev. Wright sermons could hurt his cances at the nomination
    or maybe if his long time association with his friend Rezko will cast doubt on his honesty ect.

    April 1, 2008 at 9:42 am |
  9. comfortablynumb

    All I can say is that Lesli Williams (the sex offender given another chance only to prove that he should not have been freed) should be put away for life. Period. Sexual assault on a 5 year old just 10 years ago! Released March 4th and already ruining more lives! I mean seriously, leave him in a normal cell with others just so they CAN treat him however they want. He deserves it. That is disgusting, filthy, barbaric, and many other adjectives that should not be posted on this blog.

    April 1, 2008 at 9:05 am |
  10. Cindy

    I think Pelosi got it half right when saying we should boycott the Olympics in Beijing because of the human rights violations in China. But I say we should take it a step further and boycott the whole thing!

    I can't believe they are just now figuring out that it's a 50/50 shot for 9th graders now to actually graduate high school. I've known that for years! The thing is are they going to do anything about it to try and keep these kids in school. It's one thing to talk and talk about it but another to actually do something.

    OMG...Rep Bart Stupak's plan sounds exactly like something that an Obama supporter would throw out there and hope that it sticks to get more delegates for Obama. His plan is ridiculous to me! If they are going to do a revote then they need to do the whole thing over or not at all!

    So...Obama's church goes and does something dumb to effect this nomination race. Why couldn't they just leave well enough alone. The Wright thing is bad enough. Now they want to add that the whole basis of the church is founded on the destruction of white people. If that isn't racist then I don't know what is! And Obama still goes here!? WHY!? Does he believe this mumbo jumbo or what? It's getting more obvious that the church isn't all it's cracked up to be!

    Cynthia, Covington, Ga.

    April 1, 2008 at 8:28 am |