March 10th, 2008
03:12 PM ET

Eliot Spitzer Shocker

In news, expect the unexpected. Always.

Case in point – right now.


Eliot Spitzer, along with his wife Silda, at a news conference today in New York

We lined up a solid show for tonight.  The rundown on the whiteboard has the segments all layed out: Candy Crowley starts things off with the democratic showdown in Mississippi, followed by some smart analysis from our panel of guests.

But then we got wind of the New York Times report on Eliot Spitzer.  Sprinkled in the report were phrases like “prostitution ring” and “canceled his scheduled public events.”

Hmm. Sounds interesting.

Right now, we have no idea what Spitzer is going to say at his hastily called news conference.  We’re being told he’ll make an announcement.

As the story unfolds, we’re going to watch, wait, and determine how to handle it this evening.

– Gabe Falcon, 360° Writer

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  1. Jack

    the fact that he paid for sex should be no big deal, his REAL crime was that he prosecuted other people for the same "crimes". therefore he is the worst of the worst 2-faced hypocrits...he probably sent some of THEM to jail or other punishments...he should be given the sum total of all the punishments that he handed out to others for this same crime....personally I think the law should stay out of people's (adults) sex lives as long as it does not harm anyone in any way....but Spitzer is disgusting for punishing others for something he agressively and repeatedly engage in time and time again...that is his real crime

    March 12, 2008 at 3:09 pm |
  2. maria

    This is a tragedy. A talented and well respected man is destroyed by his own doing. What a difference a day makes. I feel bad for governor Spitzer but I truly ache for his wife and kids. He lost his position as governor. But she lost her friend and her husband Her kids lost a Father.Not to mention the humiliation she had to go through in the eyes of the entire nation and the world. My hat goes off to her for standing tall infront of everyone. It was not easy for her. The pain was written all over her face. But she faced the nation with courage and style. Yes, some people say she should leave him. But only she knows what she feels. I wish the media would stop all this broadcasting. Its over and done with. Let the authorities deal with him Why do respected news reporters become cheap tabloids who seem to enjoy destroying peoples lives. Lets move on. Stop repeating the same thing. Who cares. Lets give his family a break. On Monday we will have a new Governor. Lets look forward and not backward.

    March 12, 2008 at 2:10 pm |
  3. Jackie

    Do you guys not understand how this is affecting his family? Hello. You get so caught up in the political and legal issues, but there is so much more. He has THREE daughters for God's sake. You think he would like to see one of them be a prostitute? There is a BIG issue here, but not what is being said. Now this prostitue, just like Monica, Marilyn etc, will be immortalized for "bringing down a political figure." What in the hell are we teaching our children. Get it off the media. Get a grip and get a life America.

    March 11, 2008 at 11:20 pm |