March 6th, 2008
09:35 PM ET

Live Blog from the Anchor Desk 3/6/08

We're keeping them honest in Florida tonight where millions voted in the Democratic primary but the votes don't count.

Anderson spoke with Florida's Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican who allowed the primary to be moved up, and to Sen. Bill Nelson, a Democrat who thinks his party is going to suffer because of that decision.

Also tonight, Chelsea Clinton.  She's a force on the campaign trail and Gary Tuchman was there as she courted young voters on behalf of her mother.

As always, we’ll start posting comments at 10p ET and stop at 11p ET.

See you then!

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March 6th, 2008
05:51 PM ET

Afternoon Buzz

Cha-Ching!  We're tracking the cash in the presidential race.  A new record has been set.   Speaking of money matters, if Florida & Michigan get a re-do who will pay for it?   And, Bill Gates is NO longer the richest man on the planet.  Scoll down to see who took his spot.  Plus, a priceless honor for the last WWI survivor.  Frank Buckles is 107 years old! He met with President Bush today.  What an amazing life!  Enjoy YOUR afternoon buzz.

Top Stories
At least 8 killed in Seminary Attack
A gunman opened fire on people inside a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem on Thursday.

Cyclist sought in Times Square bombing
Security camera footage shows a person approach a Times Square military recruiting office and ride away on a bicycle shortly before a bomb damaged the building Thursday morning.

Raw Politics
Florida, Michigan fight to count
Florida and Michigan could go from having no say in the Democratic nominating process to deciding the nominee if their states' political leaders succeed in getting their delegates seated.

Obama sets political fundraising record
Last month, Sen. Barack Obama raised...

McCain looks to shore up support
After clinching the Republican nomination, Sen. John McCain is working to shore up support in battleground states and strengthen his organization going into the general election.

Keeping them Honest
Southwest Airlines flew 'unsafe' planes
Discount air carrier Southwest Airlines flew thousands of passengers on aircraft that federal inspectors said were "unsafe" as recently as last March.

Crime & Punishment
Driving Teacher accused of DUI while giving lesson
Court documents show teacher's blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

Police: Student's school shooting plot foiled
An alleged plot hatched by a high school student to murder his classmates and teachers in New Jersey was foiled early this week, police told CNN Thursday.

Auburn student killed, car in flames
An Auburn University student was found fatally shot on a highway just before her car was discovered in flames on campus, several miles away.

What YOU will be TALKING about TONIGHT
The World's Richest Man...
After 13 years
on top, Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the world. That honor now belongs to...

Last WWI Vet Honored 
Today, the 107-year-old Frank Buckles—the last known U.S. military veteran to serve during World War I— was honored with a White House visit and was made the guest of honor at a Pentagon ceremony.

March 6th, 2008
03:33 PM ET

Chelsea Clinton: Speaking out for her mom

Chelsea Clinton has been in the public eye all her life.  Her father was Governor of Arkansas when she was born, and became President of the United States when she was 12.

Chelsea Clinton
On the campaign trail with Chelsea Clinton. In her own words and taking questions at UPenn.

We all know what she looks like, but what does she sound like? And what does she have to say?  Now, at 28, Chelsea Clinton may be on the verge of becoming the first and only person in U.S. history to have two parents serve as President of the United States.  And she is trying to help make it happen by campaigning around the country on behalf of her mother.

This woman, who has largely stayed out of the public spotlight during the high profile political careers of her parents, is now speaking out, mostly at college campuses.  We were invited to spend some time with her before, during, and after an appearance at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia where she took 40 minutes worth of questions.

But our coverage of her came with a most unusual caveat.


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March 6th, 2008
03:16 PM ET

Beat 360° 3/6/08

Whats shakin' Bloggers!?! No, literally... check out this hand-shaking photo-op between presumptive GOP nominee John McCain and President Bush.

You know what? Let's make it tonight's 'Beat 360°' shall we? Everyday we post a picture – and you provide the caption. Our staff will get in on the action too.

Tune in every night at 10p ET to see if you are our favorite! Can you Beat 360°?

Here is today’s “Beat 360°” pic of the day.

Beat 360

Here's one to get you started:

"OK you two, get together now... ready?...  Say ‘Mac & cheeeese!’

Have fun with it.

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– David Reisner, 360° Digital Producer

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March 6th, 2008
01:01 PM ET

The Democratic prize fight: all 15 rounds of it


Roland S. Martin is a nationally syndicated columnist, Chicago-based radio host, and frequent contributor to the AC360° Blog.

Let me congratulate everyone that voted in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island. You are the folks who really care about democracy because you don’t just run your mouth; you stepped up, went to the polls, braved the bad weather in some places, and you didn’t complain about the long lines. For us, that means waiting 15 minutes or so, even though in other countries a long line to vote could mean a half of a day. And to those who didn’t vote, you can kiss my….well, you know what!
I know that may not be Christian like, but I’m sick of these blowhards who complain and complain, and do nothing. And for those who are black, you deserve extra scorn because YOU – YES YOU – are the reason why the ancestors are weeping this morning. It was their blood, sweat and in some cases, death, that made the vote for us a reality, and your trifling actions made their brave sacrifice meaningless. So, the primaries are now passed, and you have a chance to make up for that in November. Let’s see if are worthy to call yourself an American by not voting again.
To the governors of Michigan and Florida, and the other members of Congress, such as Florida Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, please, sit down and shut up. Look, the voters in those two states should have had their votes counted. But it was the actions of officials in those that resulted in this mess. THEY didn’t follow the rules. THEY chose to ignore the Democratic National Committee rules by moving their primaries up, even under threat that their delegates would get stripped. The OTHER states followed the rules. But it is arrogance, and not Democratic Party unfairness, that is the reason for this debacle.
And the two leaders of the arrogant parade are Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and Florida Governor Charlie Crist for signing the bills into the law. THEY deserve the blame. NOT the DNC. And I’m with DNC Chairman Howard Dean


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March 6th, 2008
12:01 PM ET

Vaccines and autism

Some new news to share about autism today. At a news conference this morning, a Georgia family will describe how the government has conceded that a vaccine "contributed" to their daughter's autism symptoms. The family will receive compensation from a federal vaccine court.


Hannah Poling

That doesn't mean the federal government agrees that vaccines cause autism (click here for more on autism). Nor does this 9-year-old girl's case mean the 4,900 other families in the vaccine court have won their claim that vaccines resulted in their children's autism. That case continues.

Advocates who see a vaccine-autism link point to Hannah Poling's case as a big victory for their cause – evidence of the potentially disastrous side effects of vaccines.

Within 48 hours after receiving her vaccinations, Hannah, then 19 months old and by all accounts a normal little girl, developed a high fever, inconsolable crying and some signs of regression, including difficulty walking and speaking.


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March 6th, 2008
06:47 AM ET

Morning Buzz

Morning!!! Politics is still dominating the headlines today. What is the endgame for the dems? Can McCain raise enough money? Is Huckabee in-line for the #2 spot on the GOP ticket? Will Florida and Michigan become the re-primary states? Take a look at Raw Politics for the latest...

In other news...troop morale is down in Afghanistan and health officials have admitted that childhood vaccines worsened the health of a girl with autism-like symptoms....PLUS the star of GHOST and DIRTY DANCING, Patrick Swayze, has cancer...so sad!!! SOOO grab your coffee and take a look at today's headlines...

Top Stories
Explosion in Times Square...
New York City police officers and firefighters cordoned off much of Times Square after a small explosion — possibly set off by a human-made device — rocked the front of the Armed Forces Recruiting Station on the traffic island bounded by 43rd and 44th Streets, Seventh Avenue and Broadway around 4 a.m.

Vaccine may have injured girl with autism symptoms....
Government health officials have conceded that childhood vaccines worsened a rare, underlying disorder that ultimately led to autism-like symptoms in a 9-year-old girl, and that she should be paid from a federal vaccine-injury fund.

National dragnet is a click away...
Several thousand law enforcement agencies are creating the foundation of a domestic intelligence system through computer networks that analyze vast amounts of police information to fight crime and root out terror plots.

Troop morale down in Afghanistan...
U.S. troop morale improved in Iraq last year, but soldiers fighting in Afghanistan suffered more depression as violence there worsened, an Army mental health report says.

Border war?
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday called a Colombian raid that killed two dozen rebels in Ecuador a "war crime," and joined Ecuador's president in demanding international condemnation of the cross-border attack.

Raw Politics
Florida & Michigan seek new primary...
Will the recount state become the re-primary state? And will voters in Michigan have their say in picking a Democratic candidate for president?

Dems fear an ugly end to race...
Leading Democrats scrambled Wednesday to prevent the closest, most riveting presidential contest in decades from tearing the party apart, as the odds rose that neither Hillary Rodham Clinton nor Barack Obama could clinch the nomination without angering large blocs of voters.

Obama comes back swinging...
Senator Barack Obama woke up on Wednesday talking of his delegate lead and of taking the fight to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. But after defeats in two of the most populous states, he also sounded like a chastened candidate in search of his lost moment.

Rezko trial begins...
As he paces the courtroom Thursday while delivering his opening statement on behalf of Antoin "Tony" Rezko, attorney Joseph J. Duffy's gentlemanly manner may mask his considerable talent.

Clinton team battling itself...
For the bruised and bitter staff around Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Tuesday's death-defying victories in the Democratic presidential primaries in Ohio and Texas proved sweet indeed. They savored their wins yesterday, plotted their next steps and indulged in a moment of optimism. "She won't be stopped," one aide crowed.

Huckabee ponders future...
Advisers to Mike Huckabee spent yesterday starting to build a conservative coalition that could propel a future run for the White House , hoping to capitalize on the popularity he gained during his unlikely presidential bid.

Crime & Punishment
Jump in homocides a challenge for LAPD...
Homicides in Los Angeles have sharply increased in the first two months of this year, reversing nearly five years of decline and posing a puzzling challenge for Police Chief William J. Bratton.

Student fatally shot...
An Auburn University student was found fatally shot on a highway just before her car was discovered in flames on campus, several miles away.

Keeping Them Honest
F.B.I. investigates missing GOP money...
Hundreds of thousands of dollars are missing and presumed stolen from the chief fund-raising arm of House Republicans, according to party officials who described the findings of emergency internal audits.

What YOU will be talking about TODAY
Patrick Swayze diagnosed with cancer...
Patrick Swayze, who starred in Dirty Dancing and Ghost, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, his doctor says.