February 26th, 2008
04:34 PM ET

Shame on You Barack Obama!

The Clinton campaign wasn't supposed to be here in the fight of Hillary's political life. She was supposed to be crowned on Super Tuesday to the ecstatic and triumphant cheers of her Democratic legions. She was supposed to march into the general election six months early to deliver the mortal blow to a limping, fractured and unarmed Republican party. She was supposed to be inevitable.

So go the excuses now being offered to explain Hillary's current desperation, disorganization, and disintegration less than a month after her missed date with destiny. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Shame on you Barack Obama! Shame on you!

There's only one small problem with this story. Presidencies, like campaigns, are full of unanticipated events, plans gone awry, and unforeseen consequences. Just ask George Bush. He might mention 9-11, Iraq , and the November 2006 congressional elections.

True leaders show steady judgment, laser focus, and a reassuring command in the middle of political storms. They're supposed to be in control, at the very the least, of themselves.

Hillary claims she's ready to lead on Day One. But what about Day Two if Day One doesn't go well? She'll need to turn to her kitchen cabinet, not everything and the kitchen sink.  Because facing the unknown is the only truly inevitable event any politician can bank on.

-Amy Holmes, 360° Contributor 

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