February 21st, 2008
10:22 PM ET

So long, Austin....

And like that, they are off.  On to the next stop.  Several barbs were traded back and forth, and on more than one occasion the candidates were caught off balance by some very tough questioning.  However, after over an hour and a half of standing firm, the candidates shook hands with diplomatic grace and called it a night. 
The production here in the control room was very smooth and painless; probably one of the calmest productions I have ever seen.  These guys have it down to a science.  And for me on prompter - well, Campbell and I put on a very graceful performance. 
Now, along with the rest of the press corp, we will get a few hours of sleep and catch a plane to our next stop.  For me, it is back to New York.
Thank you Austin for your hospitality, you were a gracious host.
–Richard Morris, CNN Associate Producer

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