February 21st, 2008
07:23 PM ET

Hillary, Barack, Campbell and....me

Live from Austin, Texas....

Tonight is the night.  Clinton vs. Obama.  The air is thick, the passion is high, the crowds are gathering, and I am stuck in a dark trailer watching it all through tiny TV monitors.


Tonight, we are broadcasting from a control room on wheels.  During the debate, there will be roughly 21 people packed into this tight, dark space watching it all play out.  Fortunately, I sit on the low end of the totem pole.  My responsibilities are minimal. There are only two times I could goof, and be subsequently yelled at: the beginning and the end.

Tonight, I will run prompter for Campbell Brown, the moderator of the debate.  Prompter is typically the lowest of low positions, but you feel such prestige, having that unique in-the-moment feeling with the anchor as you turn this tiny wheel, the words magically appear, they’re spoken by a famous person and sent electronically across the country, maybe even the world, and then just as quickly they disappear. 

Tune in tonight at 8pm ET, as you watch the debate begin live, you will witness Campbell and I beginning our dance.  If only for 90 seconds, we will waltz into the battle of the year as we introduce this debate for the world to see.  Then, you can see Campbell in the post-debate show on AC360°. But my role will be over. Almost as quickly as the words did, I’ll disappear, too.

-Richard Morris, Associate Producer

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