February 20th, 2008
10:41 AM ET

Morning Buzz 2/20/08

Morning folks!  What a primary drama, eh?! What's your take–

Did Obama's big margin of victory over Clinton surprise you, given all the talk about Wisconsin's big labor vote?  Does his eating away at her base of support among women signal that a sweep of remaining states is in the works, or was that erosion limited to Wisconsin?

And on the Republican side, did it surprise you that McCain beat Huckabee by a narrower margin that Obama beat Clinton, and what does that mean.. Does McCain still face deep resistance from conservatives, even as he consolidates his hold?

And how closely is anyone looking at these candidates' policy plans? We’ll look at all of this on 360° tonight, ahead of the CNN/Univision Democratic Debate in Austin tomorrow evening. Please join us!

And a big day in space today as the shuttle comes home,  a satellite is expected to be shot down, folks in Washington state saw a huge meteor fall from the sky, AND we'll have the last total lunar eclipse until 2010!

So grab your morning buzz, watch out for falling objects, and check out our morning buzz!

Top Stories

Musharraf says he intends to stay
One day after his party was trounced in parliamentary elections, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said he intended to remain in office and work with the new government, despite calls by the victorious opposition to step down.

Major quake hits western Indonesia 
major earthquake shook western Indonesia on Wednesday afternoon, killing at least three and injuring 25 others, officials in the country told CNN. The magnitude 7.5 quake's epicenter was about 195 miles (315 km), south-southeast of Banda Aceh, on the Indonesian island of Simeulue, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Castro resigns as Cuba president
Although the news that one of the longest-serving leaders in the world was officially stepping down sent ripples around the globe, Fidel Castro's resignation announcement barely registered in Cuba.

Raw Politics

McCain, Clinton double-team Obama
Wisconsin and Hawaii handed Sen. Barack Obama his 9th and 10th consecutive wins Tuesday, CNN projects, while Sen. John McCain picked up two more states in his march to the Republican nomination.

Paul vows to press on
Despite single digit showings in the Wisconsin and Washington State primaries Tuesday night, Ron Paul told CNN Wednesday he has no plans to drop his presidential bid.

Huckabee says race not about ego, heading to the Alamo
Following a big loss in Wisconsin Tuesday night, reporters didn’t even get to ask Mike Huckabee the one question on everyone’s mind before he answered it himself.

Superdelegates could determine race...

Crime & Punishment

Jury asks to see 'letter from the grave'
Deliberating jurors have asked to see several exhibits, including a letter Julie Jensen wrote telling police to look at her husband if something happened to her. Mark Jensen is on trial for murder, accused of poisoning her with antifreeze.

Store shooting victim's 911 plea released
A 911 call placed from inside a suburban Chicago Lane Bryant store where five women were bound and fatally shot reveals a final, desperate plea for help.Store manager Rhoda McFarland called 911 from her cell phone just moments before being killed by a gunman who remains at large.

Keeping Them Honest

High court rejects appeal of Katrina victims
The Supreme Court refused Tuesday to offer help to Hurricane Katrina victims who want their insurance companies to pay for flood damage to their homes and businesses. The justices rejected appeals from Xavier University and 68 other individuals and businesses seeking to allow their lawsuits against the insurers to go forward.

What YOU will be talking about TODAY

Faulty satellite may be shot down today
The U.S. Navy plans to take a shot Wednesday at destroying a faltering spy satellite before it can tumble to Earth and - possibly - release a cloud of toxic gas. Sailors on the USS Lake Erie plan to fire a missile into space from a spot west of Hawaii around 10:30 p.m. ET Wednesday, Pentagon sources said. They hope to destroy the 5,000-pound spy satellite that malfunctioned just after launch in December 2006.

Total lunar eclipse
The last total lunar eclipse until 2010 occurs Wednesday night, with cameo appearances by Saturn and the bright star Regulus on either side of the veiled full moon.Skywatchers viewing through a telescope will have the added treat of seeing Saturn's handsome rings.

Parking lot camera records meteor
Surveillance video at a Spokane, Washington, hospital captures a meteor falling from the sky.

Bam! Martha buys Emeril's rights for $50M
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. is bringing in a new celebrity: popular TV chef Emeril Lagasse. The New York-based media and merchandising company founded by domesticity maven Martha Stewart announced Tuesday that it bought the rights to the Emeril Lagasse franchise of cookbooks, television shows and kitchen products for $45 million in cash and $5 million in stock at closing.

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