February 19th, 2008
01:15 PM ET

Wisconsin: It ain't what you might think

Chicago to Houston:
I would do a riff on O'Hare security but I'm afraid I'd end up on the bad person list.
Whither Wisconsin?

- Perception -
9 and 0 for Obama and he barrels into Texas and Ohio (not to mention Hawaii for a 10-0 streak). Or... a Wisconsin win for HRC, she slows his mo, and heads to Tx and Oh, where the electoral turf favors her (we think).

- Reality -
They will once again share delegates in proportion to the vote and the race for the nomination will remain very, very close.Ergo, (have I used that word since college?) tonight's results will leave the race essentially unchanged, and completely different.I so love 2008Dirty looks from flight attendant.  Signing off and shutting down.

– Candy Crowley, CNN Sr. Political Correspondent

P.S. Note to TSA, FAA and Homeland Security: Just jokin' about O'Hare.  Really.

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