February 18th, 2008
05:05 PM ET

Just the quiet before the storm

Editor's note: Jason Rae is a Democratic superdelegate from Wisconsin. Rae has been courted by both campaigns and agreed to blog for 360° about his experiences. He was a guest on 360° last week (WATCH JASON ON 360°and will make another appearance Monday night. 


Things are quiet on the ground here in Wisconsin, at least in Milwaukee.  Senator Clinton and Senator Obama were both in town over the weekend, holding countless events. Because of the snow, Senator Clinton even spent a little extra time in the city until her plane was allowed to fly. Now the candidates have departed the city, and things seem to be back to normal. But this is just a slight reprieve. It’s the quiet before the storm.

Students are spending time focused on their studies today, hurrying between classes at the Marquette campus. That’s today. Tomorrow, we are going to see students lined up and down the street handing out fliers, holding signs, and getting out the vote. Election Day is like a holiday to me. I love seeing people, especially young people, getting involved in the process. While today may be quiet, tomorrow is sure going to be a sight to see.

– Jason Rae, Democratic Superdelegate

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