February 15th, 2008
07:49 PM ET

Lebron James on 360°

Lebron James, the NBA All-Star from Cleveland, came to New Orleans to play a game and hoped to help this city in a small way. He did more than that, as the Lebron James Foundation opened up a new playground and basketball court. The kids were excited, and parents and family members were thrilled, that he took the time to see them. To them, he truly is “King James.”


One-on-one with NBA star Lebron James- Helping out New Orleans through the Lebron James Foundation

In a city that is still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Katrina, opening a playground is just a small part of the rebuilding efforts. James told me he didn't do this because he has to, he did it because he wants to. And that's what he'll be doing Friday at the NBA Day of Service when NBA All Stars, including “King James”, work on rebuilding projects throughout the New Orleans area.

Lebron also appeared Thursday night on 360° in our “Voice of 360°” contest. Did you see him? We’ll debut another announcer candidate next week.

– Kay Jones, 360° Guest Producer

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