February 14th, 2008
04:47 PM ET

Celebrating Valentine's Day, politician style


Did you know that bills come to the house even when you're not there?

If you get enough of them from the same place, the bills turn red?  Even if the thermostat is set at SIXTY DEGREES, the gas bill is still gi-normous? Catalogues never die, they just get a different cover?

OK, so much for my 36 hours at home.
It's Valentine's Day and I nominate John McCain and Mitt Romney as best couple. That nasty little spat at the California debate is history now. The later, endorsed the former.

Kind of in a lull here in Chicago where we came following Barack Obama.  He's celebrating Valentine's Day more traditionally by taking his wife to dinner.  Or maybe he's going to court John Edwards.  (Hillary Clinton snuck down chez Edwards when we weren't looking, and Obama would also like a stealth trip but now we're onto the game.)

Obama's people suggest it's not going to happen today, but sometimes... hope you are sitting down... campaigns are not wholly truthful.

Anyway, short of staking out every restaraunt in Chicago or setting up a tent outside Edwards' North Carolina home, I'll just keep pestering them.  Favor? If any of you spot Obama on a plane today, alert the media.

Clinton and Obama have been channeling Edwards of late.  Lots of anti-lobbyist talk, lots of shout-outs to his anti-poverty campaign.  I actually think Edwards voters are quite capable of chosing for themselves and by-the-by a really good source tells me Al Gore is urging Edwards to stay out of it. (Now Gore needs to work on those superdelegates.)

Sorry to report to loyal readers that I did not get to cover the Virgin Island Caucuses.  I thought every vote counted, but SOME people at CNN just don't understand basic democratic principles.  I went to Baltimore instead.

MD, as you astute politicos know was part of the trifecta Obama cashed in on Tuesday with a sweep of the "Potomac Primaries" which also included VA and DC.  It was a blowout actually.

Baltimore is like The Virgin Islands minus 60 degrees, a beach and an ocean.  Thanks to all of you who e-mailed CNN asking why in the world 360° was making me stand out in the cold.  It happens.

We are always there so many hours after the candidate has left that the event planners throw us out onto the street corner where we meet many many um interesting people – a whole other blog completely.

On Wisconsin.  Where Obama wants a 9th straight win (a nine-fecta?).  Except for this Valentine's Day detour, he's working the state pretty much every day until Tuesday's primary.  Clinton sent her husband. She's coming later but so far seems to be on a shuttle between Texas and Ohio.

The state of play is this.  He needs to keep winning.  She needs to stop losing.  Politics is pretty simple.  See you soon on a street corner near Oshkosh or Racine or....
Oops – don't go away – fair play here: Clinton spent Valentine's day handing out chocolate to reporters on the plane and telling everybody it's the first time in 37 years she and Bill hadn't spent Valentine's Day together.  She got roses and chocolates last nite in her hotel room.

I, dear reader, got nothing... nada.  Not that Valentine's Day means a THING to me…

– Candy Crowley, CNN Sr. Political Correspondent   

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