February 11th, 2008
05:25 PM ET

Afternoon Buzz

Hello, bloggers.
I hope you’re having a great afternoon. It’s time to get you caught up on some of the headlines.
On the campaign trail, Senator Barack Obama is aiming for more victories in tomorrow’s “Potomac Primaries”. While, Senator Hillary Clinton hopes for a rebound after shaking up her campaign staff. The democratic race could all come down to the superdelegates. Super, what? Check the link below for details.

There’s a big chill in many parts of the U.S.  One city is setting a new extreme low.  Bundle up.

In Crime & Punishment, the search is on for some Van Gogh & Monet paintings worth millions.

And, check out the wild stories in “What you will be talking about tonight”.Since it’s so chilly, grab that coffee, tea or hot chocolate and read the Afternoon Buzz. Let us know what you think of the headlines.   

Raw Politics  
Obama on a roll heading into “Potomac Primaries 
Without Superdelegates Clinton Trails  
Huckabee marches on despite the odds Top Stories  
Brrr… U.S. city hits a record 40 below
Wildfires in Virginia, Carolinas  
U.S. seeks death penalty for 9/11 suspects   
Crime & Punishment

Mistrial in baby in microwave case 
Van Gogh, Monet paintings stolen in $163M heist 
Ex- cop: “I didn’t mean to hurt her”  
What YOU will be TALKING about TONIGHT  
Sex Offender wins $10 million lottery 
Burglar passes out in victim’s home    
Mummy Found in Renter’s Bathtub  

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