February 7th, 2008
11:32 PM ET

Blog from the Back Row

Tonight could have been really really bad. At the top of the show John King (filling in for Anderson tonight) was supposed to do a map explainer of delegates and why Mitt Romney dropped out because he couldn't come up with the magic number to secure the Republican nomination.


A view from the back row of the 360° control room

With 8 minutes to air, John still can't get the interactive board to work. He is on the phone with the tech guy that programs it, who is talking him through a workaround. I happen to be in the studio waiting to show John how to work the 'live blog'. I put in a phone call to the control room to warn them that they needed to start thinking about a Plan B. 5 minutes to air and the board was still subtracting, instead of adding, delegates as McCain won states. 3 minutes to air and John thinks he has it figured out. I decide to write out the instructions for the 'live blog' because there's no way I'll have time to show him. With 90 seconds to air, John is comfortable enough that it'll work that he heads back to the anchor desk. The control room goes back to Plan A and crosses their fingers. I go back upstairs. By the time I get there (the studio is on the fifth floor and the control room is on the seventh floor) we are in the show and there is no screaming or groaning so it all came off without a hitch!

That was it for drama tonight. There was breaking news on a factory explosion in Georgia and a city council shooting in Missouri that we handled in the news bulletin. However, our control room staff is truly a talented bunch so from a production standpoint that was pretty easy to deal with ... especially compared to what happened at the top of the show!

Still no pictures. Sorry. It's amazing that we can put on a TV show every night with all these moving parts yet I can't figure out how to attach a picture to a blog post. (sigh) Maybe our blog whiz kid, David Reisner, will help me out tomorrow.

Update: 'Wiz kid' David Reisner (sheesh, thanks Sean) added an image of our 'view from the back row' – enjoy!

– Sean Yates, 360° Sr. Producer

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