February 6th, 2008
12:20 PM ET

When Tornadoes Hit Home

NEW YORK (CNN) - I was watching CNN's Super Tuesday coverage last night when Chad Myers broke in with reports of tornadoes in Memphis and the surrounding area.

Tornado damage in Mississippi

Jimmy Davis surveys damage in Oxford, Mississippi. At least 52 people were killed as violent storms and tornadoes pummeled the South overnight.

As a girl who from South Memphis, just across the state line in Southaven, MS, I sprung into action. 

Almost my entire family is still in the area, so I called my parents to see if they were ok.

A tornado hit about a mile-and-a-half from their place but, fortunately, they suffered only some tree damage. They had a little information that CNN didn’t have yet, so my dad sprung into “daughter is producer” mode and gave me all the information, which I relayed to our headquarters in Atlanta. 

I checked in this morning before heading to work and everyone at home is ok.

Tonight, we’ll bring you the latest on damage and what’s next for people in these areas.

– Kay Jones, CNN 360° Editorial Producer

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February 6th, 2008
11:36 AM ET

The morning after.. and our next date

Blogees – Are you out there? I can't see you through my bleary.

Did we have ourselves a night or what?
He wins the most states. She wins the biggest.

Candy Crowley

CNN’s senior political correspondent Candy Crowley frequently blogs from the campaign trail for AC360°.

He won more delegates, or she did. They'll know when they add it up to the 3rd decimal and divide by PI.

Random Brain Dropping: Who came up with these Democratic delegate rules?

She wins more women. He wins more men.

She gets a huge portion of Latino votes. He takes the bulk of black votes. Older, her. Younger, him.

Wealthier, him. Working class, her.

Economy voters, her. Iraq, him.

My head hurts, blogees. Can't we all just get along?

Kidding. What's not to love here.

I was just trying to explain why the Clinton and Obama victory rallies last night felt like they were in alternate universes. (Cuz they both sort of won)

Voter Hazard Ahead: The closer the race, the nastier.

Itinerary: The good Senators from Illinois and New York return to their day jobs for, well, the day. Bad form to storm the country railing about the economy and then not show up for votes on the stimulus bill.

Saturday: Contests in Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington State and the VIRGIN ISLANDS. (I sense an investigative piece coming on.)

Maybe by then New Mexico will tell us what happened there last night.

American Samoa: Clinton 2 Delegates: Obama 1

Caffeine needed.

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February 6th, 2008
06:59 AM ET

Morning Buzz

Morning Folks....IT was a late night out on the campaign trail. McCain appears to be the clear Super Tuesday winner on the GOP side, but do NOT count Huckabee out...He still seems to be the choice for conservatives.  On the Democratic side, Hillary clearly won the most delegates, but Obama won more states.... GO FIGURE!!!

Mother Nature took no mercy on Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee...and now there are Tornado warnings in Alabama...the death toll continues to climb.  And another day of Britney dominating the headlines...poor girl!! PLUS, the toxicology report is due out in the Heath Ledger death... SOO grab your coffee and take a look at today's headlines...

Top Stories
Deadly Tornadoes....
Tornadoes that roared through parts of Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee killed at least 27 people and injured nearly 100 more Tuesday night, authorities said.

Three were waterboarded...
CIA Director Michael V. Hayden said publicly for the first time Tuesday that his agency had used the harsh interrogation technique known as waterboarding on three Al Qaeda suspects, and he testified that depriving the agency of coercive methods would "increase the danger to America."

Al Qaeda strengthening?
Al Qaeda is gaining in strength from its refuge in Pakistan and is steadily improving its ability to recruit, train and position operatives capable of carrying out attacks inside the United States, the director of national intelligence told a Senate panel on Tuesday.

Military stressed?
The military's top uniformed officer says U.S. forces are "significantly stressed" by fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan while simultaneously trying to stem the tide of violent extremism elsewhere.

Raw Politics
Super Tuesday results...
Sen. John McCain cemented his front-runner status Tuesday, piling up big wins coast-to-coast, according to CNN projections. Democratic voters remain evenly split over which of their candidates they would rather see get the nomination.

Super Tuesday FULL state by state results....
Twenty four states held primaries or caucuses....

No real losers...The fight goes on...
Not long ago, political strategists viewed Super Tuesday as a day that would likely crown the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees, a 24-state extravaganza that would bring the long primary campaign to an orderly conclusion.

Huckabee still alive...
Sen. John McCain of Arizona won the most states and appeared poised to win the most delegates on Tuesday with impressive primary victories in the delegate-rich states of California, New York and Illinois. Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, revived his candidacy with victories across the South.

Youth vote...
Interviews across the country on Tuesday produced anecdotal evidence that some younger people did carry their enthusiasm into the polling place.

Crime & Punishment
Female remains identified...
A severed head and other dismembered remains found stuffed in trashed bags and scattered along Pocono Mountain highways have been identified as those of a missing woman, state police said Monday.

Keeping Them Honest
Roger Clemens emerged from nearly five hours of questioning by congressional investigators Tuesday repeating his denials that he never used steroids or human growth hormone and thanking them for the chance to say so under oath.

Deficient Kevlar in Military Helmets...
A North Dakota manufacturer has agreed to pay $2 million to settle a suit saying it had repeatedly shortchanged the armor in up to 2.2 million helmets for the military, including those for the first troops sent to Iraq and Afghanistan.

What YOU will be talking about TODAY
Cartoons getting serious?
You could call it a sit-in, of sorts. Perhaps a sketch-in would be more appropriate, a comic call to arms, with cartoonists of color protesting for greater presence in newspaper pages. Protesting in the best way they know: drawing about it, en masse, all on the same day.

A restraining order against the man who's been at Britney Spears' side during her downward spiral portrays him as a Svengali figure who held her a virtual hostage in her home, drugged her, took over her finances and controlled the ravenous paparazzi "like a general."

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