February 6th, 2008
05:35 PM ET

Anderson's view: Behind the Scenes

Tonight on the program we are going to be covering the latest from the campaign trail, trying to make sense of what happened last night, and also talking to Glenn Beck and Larry Elder about conservative radio’s reaction to John McCain.

Also on the program tonight we’ll talk with Dr. Drew Pinsky about today's revelation about the cause of Heath Ledger’s death.  We’ve stayed away from this story because there was nothing new to report, and I don’t like speculating about a story like this.  Today however the names of the prescription drugs were released and we thought it worthwhile to look at the dangers of mixing prescriptions.
We are also going to try something new on the program tonight.  I will be live blogging during the broadcast.  You can respond to my blog while I’m on the air, and I will try to post a couple of responses during the commercial breaks.

Our thought was to make it like an ongoing conversation between you and me during the broadcast.  Not sure it will work, but we’ll find out tonight.

Hope you watch, and join in the discussion on the 360 blog.

– Anderson Cooper

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