February 5th, 2008
07:33 PM ET

The Voice of 360° – Round 2

Hey Bloggers!
Ever since NBC hired Michael Douglas to introduce their nightly newscast, we’ve had a little competition of our own… We are looking for the ‘Voice of 360°.’ Auditions have been underway over the past few months…

You’ve heard the ‘Oz-man’, Ozzy Osbourne give it a go (if you haven’t, check it out here)… but guess what? We’ve got another one to share!


Let’s hear from you on this one! What do you think? Who do you think it is? Who else should we audition?

– David Reisner, 360° Digital Producer

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February 5th, 2008
10:42 AM ET

Why the presidential race feels like a movie

In the last week, I've attended rallies for three of the leading presidential candidates: John McCain in Georgia, Hillary Clinton in Arkansas, and Barack Obama in Massachusetts.

2008 Presidential Campaign

Each has a defined and unique style, of course. But their rallies are oh so similiar in a notable way.

It's the Hollywood-ization of campaigning. Yes, the candidates want to talk to the local folk, but they need the cameras there. And in this campaign, I see the most extensive efforts to turn the high schools, retirement homes, and fire stations where they deliver their speeches into sophisticated sound stages.

In 2008, the lights are brighter and the colors are bolder. The music blares out of concert quality sound systems. And it is now a prerequisite for a select, usually multi-cultural group of supporters to be positioned prior to the event, behind the candidate, to increase the energy level and visual power of the images. 

In the "olden" days, during Reagan and Mondale rallies, during Bush and Dukakis extravaganzas, during Clinton and Dole events, the organizers wanted the cameras, but their set-ups were more rudimentary.

In these days of TV and Internet saturation, not to mention HDTV, the visuals and the audio are not left to chance.

You see, just like the movies!

– Gary Tuchman, 360° Correspondent

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February 5th, 2008
06:55 AM ET

Morning Buzz

Good Morning!!! It is SUPER TUESDAY...and the candidates are stumping coast to coast for last minute votes!!! Will McCain clinch it? Will Romney pull off an upset? Will the Obama-Clinton dead-heat be decided? Oh, the drama of it all!!! Take a look at Raw Politics for everything Super Tuesday you'll ever want to know....

AND you must check out Crime & Punishment today...the Joran van der Sloot tape is just chilling...PLUS, do you get migraines? Well folks, there is a new cure and I think you are going to like it!!! SOOO grab your coffee and check out today's headlines...

Top Stories
New Budget...
President Bush sent Congress a $3.1 trillion budget on Monday that would increase military spending

U.S. Raid in Iraq...
At least three Iraqis were killed and one child was injured after American soldiers stormed a tiny one-room house north of Baghdad and opened fire, U.S. and Iraqi officials said Tuesday.

A new beginning...
A new Iraqi flag flew for the first time in Baghdad Tuesday morning.

Suicide attack in Israel...
Dr. Baruch Mandelzweig ran to the scene of the blast, ready to save lives. A suicide bomber's ravaged body lay on the ground. A man, badly injured, lay nearby, moving his head. The Israeli doctor raced into action, clearing the victim's airway.

Americans start to pay as they go...
For more than half a century, Americans have proved staggeringly resourceful at finding new ways to spend money.

Raw Politics
Obama wins first battle...
Illinois Sen. Barack Obama won the first battle of the Super Tuesday showdown when Democratic Party voters in Indonesia - where Obama spent four years of his childhood - picked him over Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Super Tuesday showdown...
The drama of the most intensive presidential nominating campaign in memory will play out on the largest stage ever Tuesday when millions of Americans, from Connecticut to California with American Samoa thrown in, cast ballots in the closest thing to a national primary that the country has seen.

Conservative backlash?
GOP front-runner John McCain is cruising into Super Tuesday with a hefty lead in the polls, but he's drawing a backlash from some top conservatives who say he is too liberal to carry the Republican nomination

Young voters...
College senior Brian Schreiber works as a janitor until 1 a.m. most nights, cleaning day-care centers so he can send home money to pay his father's hospital bills.

Candidates blitz states...
The presidential candidates from both parties campaigned frenetically on Monday, making their final pushes with a series of rallies and blitzes of television commercials for a last bout of November-style campaigning before more than 20 states vote in Tuesday’s virtual national primary.

8 Questions Super Tuesday could answer...
Democratic strategist Bill Carrick put it best: "To paraphrase Churchill," he wrote in an e-mail, "the Democrats are at the end of the beginning and the Republicans are at the beginning of the end."

Crime & Punishment
Van der Sloot on tape...
On video, Joran van der Sloot says he "didn't lose a minute of sleep" over knowing Natalee Holloway's motionless body had been taken out to sea and dumped.

Body found...
A body found in western North Carolina is a missing hiker believed to be a victim of the man who pleaded guilty in a Georgia slaying, a sheriff said Monday.

Keeping Them Honest
Tracking spy satellites...
When the government announced last month that a top-secret spy satellite would, in the next few months, come falling out of the sky, American officials said there was little risk to people because satellites fall out of orbit fairly frequently and much of the planet is covered by oceans.

Increase in Florida rates...
Facing accusations that they have been gouging customers, executives from one of Florida's largest homeowners' insurance companies told a special State Senate committee on Monday that they had been forced to raise rates to offset losses and prepare for the possibility of more frequent hurricanes in the future.

AC360 Follow
Processing of Iraqi refugees is slow...
Last year the Bush administration vowed to find a way to accelerate the processing of immigrant visas and the granting of refugee status so that Iraqis who worked for the American Embassy in Baghdad could immigrate to the United States.

What YOU will be talking about TODAY
Britney Spears' father will remain temporarily in control of the pop star's personal and financial affairs while she is evaluated in a hospital psychiatric ward, a court commissioner ruled Monday.

Church of Sientology dispute...
A long-simmering dispute over digital copyrights between the Church of Scientology and its critics has boiled over in recent weeks after video clips turned up on the Internet from a 2004 interview by the church's most famous member, actor Tom Cruise.

SEX and migraines...
Popular culture always sends us mixed messages about sex. First there was the old cliche of "not tonight dear, I have a headache," implying sex makes pain worse.