February 4th, 2008
12:30 PM ET

Why Super Tuesday is like Christmas morning

Candy Crowley

CNN’s senior political correspondent Candy Crowley frequently blogs from the campaign trail for AC360°.

I am so excited!! Angelina is having twins.
Kidding. Just seeing if you're awake.

Despite the fact that I tried to gargle with my face lotion this morning, I am awake now in the STL airport en route NYC to catch up with HRC.  Apologies to the reader who hates initials. I just liked the cadence of that.

So completely jazzed. It's the eve of Super Tuesday.... like Christmas for political junkies. We have no idea what we're going to get but we know it'll be really good.

No clue what we'll unwrap on the Democratic side. If we are to believe the polls (there she goes again with those dang polls) then Obama is on the move nationally which probably means something in a primary/caucus day with almost half the states involved.

Also, he's been on a bit of a roll thru the headlines lately (Caroline and Teddy Kennedy endorsements. Needs-no-last-name Oprah pops up in LA and brings her gal pal, California First Lady aka Mrs. Schwarzenegger aka Maria Shriver on board for Obama.   (Aside: Mr. Schwarzenegger aka Governor of California endorsed GOP frontrunner John McCain. Don’t we all just wanna sit around the dinner table chez Schwarzenegger and discuss politics?) Also a Los Angeles Times endorsement for Obama.  I know you don’t give a whit about endorsements, but it kept him in the news in a positive way, unless you hate Oprah or the LA Times.

Back on topic- the other hand today is that there are so many states it may tilt the terrain toward Clinton. There's a  difference between spending a year in Iowa showing voters who u are and 10 days trying to court voters in almost 2 dozen states. (Also American Samoa–just to give them a shout out) SO, the point is, Democrats know Clinton better. 

Also, she's been on the national scene longer than Obama , is married to you know who, and is strongest among traditional  dems, so she has better access to get- out-the-vote apparatus. And she leads in most state polls, which is the last time I mention polls for the next two minutes.

Know what I want for Christmas? As close to a tie as we can get... I always wanted Christmas to last more than a day.

Kidding just seeing if you got this far.

 – Candy Crowley, CNN Senior Political Correspondent

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