February 4th, 2008
02:42 PM ET

Anderson's View: Super Bowl of Politics

I spent the weekend shooting a story for 60 Minutes, and got back to New York last night just in time to hear people yelling out their windows when the Giants won.

Not being much of a sports fan I initially thought some buildings were on fire, but then realized it must be the game.  I’m sorry I missed it.

Tonight’s show is, of course, all about politics.  It’s interesting in this election last week already seems like ages ago.  It was Wednesday that I moderated the Republican debate at the Reagan library, but that feels like ancient history.

Tonight we are going to show you all the last minute efforts by the campaigns to get out the vote.  We have correspondents with each candidate, and we really want to give you a sense of the excitement of the campaign trail.  We will be showing you a number of live events, as well as what’s been taking place behind the scenes all day.

So let's hear them - last minute predictions.  Will the GOP race end tomorrow night?  Who will be the nominee?  What about the democratic race?

Let us know what you think, and we’ll see you tonight at 10p ET.

- Anderson Cooper 

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