January 30th, 2008
12:40 PM ET

And then there were two.

We learned today that John Edwards was dropping out of the presidential race, leaving just the two bitter rivals , Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, to fight it out for the democratic party’s nomination.
Despite his populist ideals, Edwards was never popular with voters during the primary season. And although he insisted he wasn’t going to withdraw, he did. But why? A source tells CNN the decision wasn’t about money. We’re being told it had to do with the reality of not having enough delegates after Super Tuesday. We’ll find out more when he makes his speech in just a little while.

As for the republicans, another shake-up, but one not as surprising. Like Edwards, Rudy Giuliani is also exiting the race. Not too long ago, he was leading the GOP pack. So what happened? What’s behind the former front-runner’s spectacular decline?

We’ll have our panel offer their explanation this evening. Meantime, share your thoughts with us about Edwards and Giuliani.

– Gabriel Falcon, 360° Writer

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