January 29th, 2008
01:48 PM ET

Michigan, Florida must accept blame for having no delegates

I made my position clear earlier that I'm not a fan of our current system of allowing Iowa and New Hampshire dominate the early voting process for president.


As a result, a ton of state officials lost their minds and orchestrated this stampede of moving up their primaries in order 'to be heard.' Based on previous elections, the general consensus was that we would have a nominee after the Feb. 5 'Super Tuesday,' so if you were holding a vote after, you're screwed.
So, legislators in Michigan and Florida decided to put pressure on the two political parties and voted to move their date up, and both governors signed it into law. In Florida, it was a Republican-led effort, which Democrats silent, but pleased at the changes. In Michigan, Democrats took the lead, and the GOP was in agreement.
But the political parties said, in the words of Whitney Houston, 'Hell to the no!' As a result, the Dems stripped Michigan of all delegates; the GOP took half.
Now folks in both states are hot and bothered, and they have an advocate in Sen. Hillary Clinton, who now says she wants their delegates seated at the convention in Denver.
Never mind the fact that their predicament was by their own doing. In fact, with the race on both sides being all over the place, had Florida and Michigan stayed put, they would have MORE power in deciding the nominee.
So folks in Michigan and Florida, blame yourself for your woes. YOUR elected representatives approved the changes. YOUR governors signed the bill into law, so if you are looking to assign blame, don't look to the Democratic and Republican National Committees.
Look in the mirror.

– Roland S. Martin, 360° Contributor

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