January 29th, 2008
01:35 PM ET

Campaigning where it counts ... or not

Blogees... post Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, I've found a warm place. Just landed in Miami to cover a piece of theater.

Candy Crowley

CNN's senior political correspondent Candy Crowley frequently blogs from the campaign trail for AC360°.

HRC is having a victory rally in Davie, Florida. No, polls haven't closed yet, but she's beating Barack Obama 2-1 in those other kind of polls, so planning on a win doesn't seem like too audacious a hope. (Little political joke there)

The catch is, because of a Democratic party kerfuffle way too dreary to go into, there are ZERO democratic delegates at stake. Also, no Democrat campaigned in Florida.

(Asterisk: HRC did show up for fundraisers pronouncing herself so happy to be in the wonderful state and Obama ran some cable ads, which kinda spilled over and got aired in Florida. Both campaigns have explanations for why this is NOT campaigning - also too dreary to expound on).

But to the point, why would HRC use up precious pre-Feb. 5th time in a state with no delegates? She says Floridian voices should be heard. Hmmm. Surely they should but, as an added bennie, maybe she'd like a headline of her own to slow Obama's mo and drown out all those other voices chatting about his over-the-top South Carolina victory and his endorsement trifecta from Ted, Caroline and Patrick Kennedy.

Obama folks harumphing this Clinton visit is all too cute by half. Still, if it works, we'll call it good strategy. Whatever happens, I'll call it warm weather for 24 hours.

Oh, did I mention Republicans are here, too? Car rental bus here too bumpy to Blackberry on that.

– Candy Crowley, CNN Senior Political Correspondent

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