January 29th, 2008
12:26 AM ET

Blog from the Back Row

Tonight it felt like we were herding cats in the control room.We had a plan. We did. I can prove it. Scribbled in the margin of my rundown I had written "HRC 10:30p", "McCain 10:35p","Obama 10:40p" and "Romney 10:45p".And yet here's how it worked out on air:

  • Hillary Clinton cancelled on us at the last minute after we had confirmed and reconfirmed multiple times throughout the day. (We're still trying to figure out what happened?)
  • We spoke with Mitt Romney first at 10:36p, even though we were scheduled to interview him last at 10:45p.
  • We spoke with Barack Obama at 10:47p.
  • We spoke with John McCain at 10:55p.

None-the-less, we did have three out of the top four candidates for president on our air, (And we should have had all four!) for extended interviews. Given the importance of tomorrow's Florida primary and with Super Tuesday a little more than a week away, it was certainly worth the madness of building a show on the fly.(Still no control room pictures but I think given the above circumstances, that's understandable.)

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