January 25th, 2008
11:07 PM ET

Blog from the back row

NEW YORK (CNN) — There were supposed to be pictures tonight to give you a view of the control room from the back row. 

The photos didn’t happen because of late word from Chicago that a decomposed body, which could be that of Stacy Peterson, had been found at an industrial site in Chicago. However, If you had gotten those pictures you would have seen: 


– Our satellites coordinator, Brooke Turnbull, with multiple phones plastered to his ears, making sure that the two late guests and two late phoners actually made air at the top of the show


– Our video coordinator, Ashley Corum, frantically cutting new video of investigators at the site that was being fed in from the field 


– Our line producer, Jenny Blanco, doing rundown aerobics to make sure the hour did not become a 90 minutes showIn the end, Brooke got us the guests, Ashley got us the pics and Jenny got us out on time. 


Enjoy the weekend. See you on Monday.

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