January 23rd, 2008
11:37 AM ET

FEMA's Katrina trailers: The disaster continues

Maybe it's a lasting tribute to how poorly the federal government was prepared for Hurricane Katrina.

But once again, the infamous FEMA trailers are in the news.

After buying thousands and thousands of trailers that ended up sitting in vacant lots, FEMA wanted to cuts its losses by selling them - at a big loss.

Well, that plan didn't work out either. Now FEMA's buying them back - for the same price it paid. But that's the least of the problem. There's formaldehyde in the trailers, and people have been getting sick.

That wasn't part of FEMA's disaster planning. But then, as we all know by now, there was so much missing from FEMA's planning.

And now, nearly two and a half years later, taxpayers are still paying the price.

Sean Callebs, 360° Correspondent

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