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Are crews preparing to move to "Plan B" in the search for Flight 370? The latest tonight live on AC360.
April 10th, 2014
09:15 PM ET

Malaysia's missteps in the Flight 370 search

Malaysian officials now say it was Flight 370's pilot, not the first officer who uttered the final words to air traffic control. It is just the latest piece of information coming from Malaysia that has changed over time. It took weeks for authorities to admit that the final words from the cockpit were not "Alright, good night." These are just two examples of the confusion caused by Malaysian officials. Randi Kaye takes a closer look.

March 4th, 2014
10:04 PM ET

Keeping Them Honest: What is Vladimir Putin talking about?

At times, Russian President Vladimir Putin claims there are no Russian troops in Crimea, but at other times he justifies the invasion as protection from "Nazis and anti-Semites" inside Ukraine. That's leaving many to wonder where he is getting his information. After speaking to President Putin last weekend, German Chancellor Angela Merkel described him as "in another world." Jim Sciutto takes a closer look.

As a former National Security Adviser to President George W. Bush, Stephen Hadley has met with Putin and knows how the Kremlin operates. Anderson spoke with him and former CNN Moscow correspondent Jill Dougherty.


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February 27th, 2014
06:41 PM ET

Check out Drew Griffin's reports on money and influence in Washington

When lawmakers and lobbyists are family

There’s a saying in Washington that it’s not simply what you know, it’s who you know. It may be a bromide but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

As part of a planned year long series on AC 360 devoted to money, politics and influence, we took a look at how many members of Congressional families are in fact registered lobbyists.

The results may surprise you. We worked with an independent group called Legistorm and the non profit Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. Please take a look. If you’d like to see the entire list, you can easily take a look here.

Keeping Them Honest: Money, influence and politics

The journalist Michael Kinsley famously wrote about Washington: The real scandal is not what's against the law. The real scandal is what's LEGAL. Drew Griffin investigates what some are calling the extortion game, played for personal gain, they say, by the very politicians who make the rules… and it is all perfectly legal.


February 25th, 2014
10:21 PM ET

Keeping Them Honest: Is Ohio the next battleground for the groups behind SB1062?

The type of protests we are seeing in Arizona could soon be coming to other states. The special interest groups that helped write SB1062 are also behind another controversial "religious freedom" bill in Ohio. Anderson compares the legal language in the two bills and finds they are nearly identical.

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February 24th, 2014
10:13 PM ET

Keeping Them Honest: Why is one group pushing so hard to make SB-1062 a law?

Defenders say SB-1062, a controversial bill passed by Arizona’s lawmakers, is necessary to protect religious freedom. They insist it’s not meant to discriminate against gays or any other groups. But opponents fear it could be used to deny services to anyone who isn't already protected under federal law. Anderson takes a closer look at the Alliance Defending Freedom, a group that helped draft SB-1062.

Opponents of SB-1062 are making their voices heard in Arizona. Miguel Marquez has the latest from Phoenix, where he says protests are beginning to grow.

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February 20th, 2014
10:10 PM ET

Keeping them Honest: What does it take to be a U.S. Ambassador?

Ambassadors often come to the job with different skills and qualifications. Some of President Obama's recent nominees come with fat checkbooks. They may not know some key facts about their host countries and some have never even visited. Anderson is Keeping them honest with a look back at the relationship between ambassadorships and patronage.

Senator John McCain grilled some of President Obama's less qualified nominees. He explained to Anderson why they will likely get confirmed.


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February 11th, 2014
10:19 PM ET

Keeping Them Honest: What happened to $40 million in charitable donations?

More than a dozen U.S. charities claim they sent millions of dollars worth of medical supplies to Guatemala. Drew Griffin traveled there searching for those supplies. Tonight he follows the money trail. Drew is working with our partners at The Tampa Bay Times and The Center for Investigative Reporting to get answers.


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February 10th, 2014
10:27 PM ET

Keeping Them Honest: Where did $40 million in charity donations go?

More than a dozen U.S. charities claim to have sent $40 million worth of medicine and supplies to Guatemala. But now there are serious questions about what those charities really did with their donations. CNN worked with The Tampa Bay Times and The Center for Investigative Reporting to get answers. Drew Griffin has the latest on the investigation.

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February 10th, 2014
10:12 PM ET

Jonathan Vilma on his comments about playing with a gay NFL teammate: "it is a poor example of me trying to demonstrate the dynamics of the locker room"

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma spoke with AC360 about his remarks on what he thinks it would be like to have a gay teammate. Two weeks ago, in an interview with the NFL Network, he questioned how an openly gay player would change the league's locker room culture. That was before former Missouri All-American defensive lineman Michael Sam, who is preparing for the NFL draft, revealed he is gay. John Berman spoke with Jonathan Vilma and former Minnesota Viking Chris Kluwe.

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February 6th, 2014
10:15 PM ET

Father who lost his wife and daughter weighs in on 'affluenza' sentence

Ethan Couch, the Texas teen who killed four people in a drunk driving crash was just sentenced to probation and rehab. He escaped a prison sentence after his lawyer called an expert witness who argued that Couch never faced any serious consequences for his actions before, and shouldn't now. He called the condition "affluenza." Now that same lawyer is blasting the media for the term "affluenza" going viral. Anderson is Keeping Them Honest.

Anderson discussed Ethan Couch's sentence with Eric Boyles, whose wife and daughter were killed in the crash.

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