July 14th, 2014
09:09 PM ET

AC360 Exclusive: Theme park employees caught in sex stings

CNN finds dozens of employees from Disney as well as Universal Studios and SeaWorld have been arrested in connection with alleged child-sex crimes since 2006. None of the cases involved children or teens visiting the parks.

Click here to read the rest of this report.

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June 9th, 2014
11:39 PM ET

AC360 Exclusive: The man behind @hiddencash makes a big announcement

Jason Buzi has been hiding his money and people across California have been finding it. You might not know his name, but you may have heard about his Twitter feed @hiddencash. Buzi has been hiding envelopes of cash and then posting clues so people could find it. He tells Anderson why he is doing this and which cities he picked for his next wave of gifts.

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May 13th, 2014
10:09 PM ET

AC360 Exclusive: Magic Johnson responds to Donald Sterling's insults 

NBA legend Magic Johnson did not mean to land at the center of the Donald Sterling scandal. He posed for a photo with Sterling's friend V. Stiviano. She then recorded Sterling's rant where he demanded that she top taking pictures with African-Americans, including Magic Johnson.

The situation only heated up during Donald Sterling's interview with Anderson Cooper. Sterling launched attack after attack aimed at Magic Johnson. The disgraced Clippers owner called him out for his HIV status, questioned his position as a role model and even asked "what does he do for the black people?"

In an exclusive interview, Magic Johnson responds to Sterling's comments and discusses the scandal with Anderson Cooper.

Part 2

Magic Johnson spoke candidly with Anderson about his decision to announce that he had HIV 22 years ago. Magic also discussed his work helping others with HIV and AIDS. Anderson also asked about Magic's business that brought thousands of jobs to urban areas.

Part 3

Magic responds after Anderson plays a portion of the Sterling interview where he says, "Jews, when they get successful, they will help their people, and some of the African-Americans - maybe I'll get in trouble again - they don't want to help anybody,"

Part 4

The NBA is moving ahead with its process for removing Donald Sterling as the owner of the L.A. Clippers. Magic Johnson spoke to Anderson about the future of the team, and his possible role as a future NBA owner.

Part 5

After Donald Sterling's interview aired on AC360, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver released a statement apologizing to Magic Johnson on behalf of the league for being "dragged into this situation." Magic Johnson spoke to Anderson about the league's handing of the scandal. He also discussed the impact the scandal is having on the playoffs that are going on right now.

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April 30th, 2014
10:14 PM ET

AC360 Exclusive: VA hospital Director speaks after VA doctor says 40 veterans died while waiting for care

President Obama called for an investigation into a Phoenix VA hospital after AC360 exposed a former VA doctor's claim of at least 40 deaths of U.S. Military veterans last week. Three members of Arizona's congressional delegation want the hospital's director fired. Senior Investigative Reporter Drew Griffin tracked her down. The initial response was not-so-welcoming.

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April 23rd, 2014
10:25 PM ET

AC360 Exclusive: Deadly delays at VA hospital

A VA Hospital looked like a model of efficiency on paper, but as many as 40 veterans died while waiting for medical care there. Senior Investigative Reporter Drew Griffin found a doctor who says the hospital hid the deadly secret by keeping two sets of waiting lists. It is the most shocking example yet in AC360's ongoing investigation of U.S. Military veterans dying while waiting for care at VA hospitals.

CNN.com has more on this investigation.

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March 26th, 2014
10:46 PM ET

Australian Navy Captain: We are reliant on binoculars, night vision devices

Ships and aircraft are working to track down the debris spotted by a French satellite. They are hoping to figure out whether the 122 small floating objects are our first glimpse of Flight 370. Anderson spoke with Captain Allison Norris of the HMAS Success, Australia’s lead search vessel. She explained why radar is not their most effective tool in this search.

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March 18th, 2014
09:53 PM ET

AC360 Exclusive: Inside ACARS

Since Flight 370 disappeared there has been plenty of talk about the plane's ACARS system. That's one of the two communications systems that stopped broadcasting before the plane lost contact. To the untrained eye, ACARS may look like a a bunch of computers and wires. But how hard is it to turn off? Anderson got a closer look with Jim Sciutto and former NTSB member and aircraft mechanic John Goglia.

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March 10th, 2014
10:13 PM ET

AC360 Exclusive: Brothers of missing American on Malaysia Airlines flight speak

Philip Wood is an IBM executive who was on Flight 370 when it disappeared. He was living in Beijing and preparing to move to Malaysia. His two brothers Tom and James Wood spoke with Anderson and described Philip as "a guy who always had good advice." They also say they are "holding out hope because there are no answers."


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March 3rd, 2014
10:16 PM ET

Web Exclusive: Could Russia be justified in invading Ukraine?

What could justify the invasion of Crimea? NYU professor of Russian studies Stephen Cohen points to NATO's expansion and tells Anderson that "Putin had little choice" but to invade. The Brookings Institute's Fiona Hill suggests the possibility of Ukraine signing a major trade agreement with the European Union actually played a larger role.

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February 26th, 2014
10:12 PM ET

AC360 Exclusive with Spike Lee: "I find it interesting that you need an influx of white New Yorkers for the services to go up"

Spike Lee's films often get the country talking about tough issues like race, sex and religion. During an event at Brooklyn's Pratt University, he argued that New York is just one of the cities being transformed by people with high incomes moving into traditionally lower-income neighborhoods. His remarks have spurred new national debate over gentrification. Lee told Anderson  "you cannot deny race plays a part."

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