July 16th, 2013
01:28 AM ET

Juror B37: Zimmerman's heart was in the right place

In an exclusive interview on AC360, Zimmerman trial Juror B37 told Anderson she thought George Zimmerman had every right to carry a gun.

She told Anderson she thinks Zimmerman is guilty of not using good judgement. "I think George Zimmerman is a man whose heart was in the right place, but just got displaced by the vandalism in the neighborhoods and wanting to catch these people so badly that he went above and beyond what he really should have done."

The juror said she thought George Zimmerman should not have gotten out of his car after calling 911. "The 911 operator also when he was talking to him, kind of egged him on." She said the operator should have advised George to stay in his car instead of asking him, "Can you see where he’s gone?"

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