July 16th, 2013
01:55 AM ET

Juror B37: Rachel Jeantel wasn't a good witness

In an exclusive interview on AC360, Zimmerman trial Juror B37 told Anderson Cooper she thought Rachel Jeantel was not a credible prosecution witness.

She said the most important part from Jeantel's testimony was "The time she was on the phone with Trayvon ... hopefully if she heard anything she would say she did but the time coincides with George’s statements and testimony of time limits and what had happened during that time."

The juror said the timing of the witness's call with Trayvon was not credible because "George was on the 911 call while she was on the call with Trayvon and the times coincide and I think there was two minutes between when George hung up from his 911 call to the time Trayvon and Rachel had hung up. So really nothing could’ve happened because the 911 call would’ve heard, the non-emergency call that George had called, heard something happening before that."

Juror B37 said Jeantel was not a good witness because the phrases used during her testimony were terms she had never heard before. The juror thought the witness, "felt inadequate toward everyone because of her education and her communication skills. I just felt sadness for her."

The juror said she did not think the term "creepy ass cracker" was a racial statement. The juror said this was the way Trayvon and Rachel spoke to each other, "I think it's just everyday life, the type of life that they life and how they're living, in the environment that they're living in."

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