May 7th, 2013
07:10 PM ET

Exclusive on AC360: Cleveland hero

Anderson Cooper met a neighbor turned hero for an exclusive interview. By now, you’ve likely seen the video of a stunned but animated Charles Ramsey as he talked to a local TV station. He's the man who unknowingly ended a nightmare for three women and a child who are believed to have been held captive in a Cleveland house for years. Tonight on 360, he shares new details about how he saved them.

As Ramsey tells it, he was eating dinner when he heard screaming. He initially thought it was a domestic violence dispute. In the video that's gone viral, he told CNN affiliate WEWS that when he got on the porch, a girl begged for help. "I open the door. And we can't get in that way 'cause of how the door is, it's so much that a body can't fit through; only your hand."

Another man named Angel Cordero helped him break through the door to rescue Amanda Berry and a little girl. Berry went missing in 2003 on the eve of her 17th birthday. Ramsey thought she was dead.

Michelle Knight was 21 when she vanished in 2002 and Gina DeJesus was last seen in 2004 at age 14. All three women are safe now thanks to Ramsey's actions.

Ramsey had spent time with bus driver Ariel Castro and never suspected what was going on behind closed doors in the house."He just comes out to his backyard, plays with the dogs, tinkers with his cars and motorcycles, goes back in the house. So he's somebody you look, then look away. He's not doing anything but the average stuff. You see what I'm saying? There's nothing exciting about him. Well, until today," he said on Monday.

Asked if he considers himself a hero, Ramsey says no. He tells AC360, "I'm a Christian. I'm an American." If there's a reward for finding the missing girls, the modest dishwasher wants the money to go to the victims.

Hear much more from Ramsey in the interview. Anderson reports live from Cleveland with the latest on the three suspects and the accusations about what they did to the women at 8 and 10 p.m. ET.

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