July 19th, 2012
10:59 PM ET

KTH: Bachmann sticking by Islamic infiltration claims

Michele Bachmann expands her unproven allegations that the U.S. government is being infiltrated and subverted by radical jihadists, members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

While Bachmann has received public scoldings from a number of noteworthy Republicans, she continues to point to Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, as a potential threat.

Although Bachmann refused to speak with CNN’s Dana Bash about her allegations, she did speak on Glenn Beck’s program. “If the state department breaks American law to bring a terrorist in to the white house,” she tells Beck, “it certainly is conceivable that maybe they looked the other way issuing this security clearance, that’s all we’re doing is asking a question.”

Bachmann continues to allege that not only was Abedin’s late father a part of the Muslim Brotherhood, but also that Abedin’s brother and mother are affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim Sisterhood.

“If my family members were associated with Hamas, a terrorist organization, that alone could be sufficient to disqualify me from getting a security clearance – so all we did was ask did the federal government look into her family associations?” Bachmann says to Beck.

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