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Ferry crew members answered questions about why more life rafts were not deployed. Tonight on AC360, the latest from South Korea on the effort to reach victims.
April 18th, 2012
12:06 AM ET

Despite U.N. presence, violence continues in Syria

Anderson reports that civilian bloodshed in Syria is ongoing– even as U.N. observers, whose mandate is to confirm a so-called ceasefire is intact, arrived in the country. Opposition members say that this same day at least seventy people were killed in Syria. For more than a year now the Assad regime has tried to veil its actions from the outside world. On April 16, Anderson spoke with U.S Ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice: “They have lied to the international community. They have lied to their own people," she said. The next night, Anderson spoke with an activist named Zaidoun, whose first-hand account from Homs confirms that, indeed, despite the claims of Bashar al-Assad, there is no ceasefire.

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