November 16th, 2010
11:37 AM ET

Heroes nominator: 'Anuradha has shown how much can one person do.'

Program Note: CNN Heroes received more than ten thousand nominations from 100 countries.. A Blue Ribbon Panel selected the Top 10 CNN Heroes for the year. Voting for the CNN Hero of the Year continues through November 18th (6am ET) at CNNHeroes.com


Nisha Pradhan
Nominated Anuradha Koirala | HER STORY

Anuradha Koirala has been working against trafficking since 1993. The kind of work [she does] is risky and tough. Despite her continuous efforts for 17 years, human trafficking has not come to an end. I keep hearing people complain about this situation, saying “What can one person do?” Anuradha has shown how much can one person do.

She deserves every bit of recognition for giving new hope and new life to the trafficked victims. But this is not the only reason I nominated her. I also wanted the world to know that heinous crimes like human trafficking are still going on and we have to help it stop.

Honestly, I did have the intuition that she would be selected as a Top 10 CNN Hero. When I looked at the profiles of the other CNN Heroes, I was left spellbound. Every individual was extraordinary and they were all real life heroes. No award can do enough justice to the work they are doing. Anuradha being selected as a Top 10 Hero was indeed a great achievement, and it has gotten more people know about [her organization] Maiti Nepal and wanting to get involved.

Anuradha asks “Please let the world know about my girls” - and that’s exactly what I want to do. There are people in this world who demand women and children for sex. There are people in this world who supply women and children to them. There is one woman who stands up and says ‘This is wrong’ and wants to bring the women back from hell and give them a new life.

Anuradha is not only doing her best to bring trafficked women back, but she is also working on preventing trafficking from happening. The women and children [she cares for] have already gone through lots of struggle and pain - all they want is some love, support and care. As Anuradha says, “People need to first think of those women as their own child and then they will understand the pain they have been through”.

Human trafficking is not an issue about small countries like Nepal alone - this is a worldwide issue. Human trafficking is wrong no matter where it happens.

Anuradha being nominated for CNN Heroes 2010 has already brought light to this matter. People are realizing this is wrong and that the issue needs to be taken seriously. My desire now is to see her chosen as “CNN Hero of the Year”. Her victory will not be the victory of her alone. This will be the victory of everyone who stands against human trafficking.

Let’s not just sit and say, ‘What can one person do?’ Let’s show how much we can do. Many times, people think donations are the only way to support an organization, but I think there is something much bigger one can do - create awareness.

We all have a heart to feel, a mind to think and a mouth to speak. If you feel something is wrong, think about what you can do about it and start off by speaking up about it.

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