June 16th, 2009
07:00 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments 6/15/09

Editor's Note: We received a lot of feedback from you last night after the first report in our weeklong series, 'America’s High: The case for and against pot.' Many wrote in saying that they use it regularly and it should be legalized. A few felt the interview with “Lisa” wasn’t a good example since she had “bi-polar disorder and she belongs on Lithium to begin with,” and marijuana isn’t a cure all. Overall, viewers were glad to see the topic being discussed. What do you think?

I am a 51-year-old woman who has smoked since the age of 20, have a happy a family and a good job, never miss a day of work, always vote. I have to say it just sickens me to think that I do something illegal. I am as far from a criminal as they come, but yet I could go to jail for this. It’s insane that marijuana is illegal and alcohol is legal, just insane.

I would hope that America will embrace the reality that legalizing this crop will open many more doors than just the drug, we might have just found our alternative to corn ethanol, not to mention the enumerable uses within all our other areas of life, the nutritional value of hemp seed is unbelievable!!

That Marijuana is illegal and alcohol is not is a great American hypocrisy! Using the same arguments that anti decriminalization zealot’s use, then tobacco should definitely be illegal as well. That drug addicts tens of millions, is a known health hazard and continues to be readily available for use and sale. Albeit with healthy taxes being collected on the legal sale and distribution of this drug each day. Thanks Anderson/CNN for revisiting this in a national prime time forum!

Come on...We have prescription drugs that are far, far more dangerous than pot...heck we even advertise them on tv...People take them like candy and just go to the doctor and get more...Where's the outcry from the American public...there to drugged on prescriptions...

Thank you for not being afraid to look into this topic. For or against the legalization, the aversion of so many to even discuss it is archaic at best and dangerous at worst.

If made legal are we going to do away with drug testing? Our doctors are going to be high during open heart surgery and the police will be stopping people to take away their pot to take home. School kids will be high in class because weed is now the new smokes.

We thought that Melissa had great views and insight into the truth behind marijuana, thank you to cnn, anderson and all those behind airing this great story

To me the answer to legal pot or illegal pot is easy. I'd rather be surrounded by a bunch of mellow potheads than a bunch of loud and aggressive drunks. The hypocrisy of lawmakers and moral police who drink and act like jerks is astonishing! They excuse any behavior by claiming it was the booze that caused them to act that way. But it's legal, so...party on!

I don't feel like the story about the negative reaction to Marijuana was valid. The girl had bi-polar disorder; she belongs on Lithium to begin with. That's how the illness is treated. By using such a story that has nothing to do with truly using marijuana for medicinal purposes in the correct general use gives it no merit at all. Hopefully CNN tries to find a better reason not to smoke marijuana.

My precious sister died last week after a battle with cancer. She was only 55. Of all the medicine she was given the ONLY thing that gave her any relief or comfort was marijuana. If you had to watch someone you love die in pain you would legalize it too.

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  1. Andy

    As a pro-cannabis supporter, I am intrigued with the series, mainly to look (as objectively as I can) at the downsides to its cultivation, use and abuse potential.

    Like the author above, I found last night's segment odd in respect to the woman who had suicidal thoughts prior to "smoking 8 joints per day", and then when she had similar thoughts after, it was implied that it was due to cannabis usage, but Anderson pointed out the connection appropriately.

    Scoreboard from night one: Pro: 1, Con: 0.

    I will be watching with great interest. Keep the discussion alive, as its the only way we'll ever bring about a change in this area.

    June 16, 2009 at 12:13 pm |
  2. Tony

    I honestly belive the reason cannabis is still illegal is because of the buisness's that rely on it being illegal such as the prison industrial complex and the phamecutical companies,we build 8 prisons to every college America throws more people in jail than anywhere in the world!

    I hope you will cover a little bit of the history of why cannabis is illegal,the whole thing started in the 30,s and with a guy named Anslinger who was racist and was appointed the first DEA cheif!

    June 16, 2009 at 11:28 am |
  3. Tony

    All I can say is a BIG thnx to CNN and Anderson C. for making this a major topic,I just hope they hit on all aspects of it starting with the history of why its really illegal.

    I think its way past time to treat the Americans who choose to smoke pot as social equals to those who drink alcohol,,I can promise you one thing cannabis will NOT cause anywhere near the social ills that alcohol has!There has NEVER been a case of someone overdosing and dying on cannabis!

    The time is now to have serious discussion and debate without LIES about cannabis,oh and time to legalize!! I cant help but chuckle when the anti pot crowd says that pot smokers are very paranoid kind of people,,,yup because unlike you drinkers we can go to jail for our choice of at home relaxation!

    June 16, 2009 at 11:17 am |